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We from myDGN offer you three possibilities to sell FC 24 Coins fast & secure. There is something for everyone, no matter if you are a manual FUT Trader or if you have your own webapp- or console bot. Selling FUT Coins via myDGN is easy, transparent and secure.

  • Sell Your FC 24 Coins 24/7
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how to sell FC Coins

At myDGN, we offer you three options to sell FC Coins quickly and securely. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a manual FUT Coins Trader or have your own WebApp- or Console Bot. Selling FUT Coins via myDGN is easy, transparent and secure.

Sell FC 24 Coins - Business as usual!

At first it was speculated that there will be no transfer market for Ultimate Team due to the name change of the FIFA series and that you can buy the players directly at EA or play them via SBCs. This rumor is now fortunately off the table. There will be the familiar transfer market for Ultimate Team cards again, as well as the Companion/WebApp. You can already prepare to sell FC 24 Coins via myDGN FC again.

Only one more rumor still stubbornly persists. Since EA has already merged the console markets of PS4, PS5 and XBOX in the current season, EA could now go one step further. I.e. possibly you can buy from next season in EA Sports FC also with the PC version of Ultimate Team cards from the console versions.

However, we also rate the veracity of this rumor as relatively low, since the transfer market on the CP is much more susceptible to glitches and manipulation. The stability of the economic system for Ultimate Team would be significantly harmed by EA. This will also be the reason why they only merged the markets of the consoles. So here, too, we at myDGN would cautiously give the all-clear.

Player Auction

We use a system for Player Auction that works 100% safe for years. This system is from now on also available for manual use and is specifically developed for manual traders.

When using Player Auction, players will be suggested to you at given prices, which you can buy. You select, buy and mark a player as bought. Our system then checks, if the player has been purchased. If this is the case, the value of the player in $ will be credited to your balance.

Comfort Trade

This option requires additional verification and is only offered to experienced suppliers. Here you get direct orders from customers in our Comfort Trade Panel. I.e. you get the customer account details and the order amount of FIFA Coins. After successful delivery, the value of the delivery will be credited to your balance in $.


If you are using your own Web- or Console Bot or an Public Bot with an API-System that you want to connect to our API, then this method is the right one for you. You can find the documentation about our API after you have registered at myDGN. If you have any questions about the integration into your bot, contact [email protected].

If you use an Public Bot with an API-System that offers myDGN API, contact Manu_myDGN#4155 via Discord or also per email [email protected].

Where to buy FC 24 Coins!

There has been close co-operation between myDGN and for some time now. As our system exclusively supplies WhatsGaming with FC 24 coins, we can guarantee their security with our name. So if you are looking for a website where you can safely buy FC 24 Coins, then WhatsGaming is the right place for you.


What is myDGN?

myDGN is the largest platform on the market to sell your FC 24 Coins easily and securely. At myDGN you can sell your FC 24 Coins at any time, 365 days a year.

When can I sell FC 24 Coins at myDGN?

The release date of EA Sports FC is 29.09.2023. It is expected that the Companion/WebApp will be accessible again about one week earlier. That means that the sale of FC 24 Coins will probably be possible from 22.09.2023.

How much do you pay for FC 24 Coins at myDGN?

The prices for FC 24 Coins are updated daily and can be viewed at any time at both panel, Player Auction and Comfort Trade. 

Which payment methods does myDGN offer?

1) PayPal

2) Skrill

3) Alipay

4) WeChatPay

5) Webmoney

6) Bitcoin

Withdrawal rules

1) Processing time of your payout

We will pay out your balance after 1-48 hours using the payment method you have specified.


2) Withdrawal Fees

For some payment options we charge a fee which are only intended to cover the fees of the payment providers. You can see the current fees at the withdraw Page.


3) Minimum amount to withdraw your money

The minimum amount to withdraw your money depends on the payment option which starts already with a low amount of 20$. You can see the minimum amount to withdraw also on the withdraw Page.


3) Processing time of your payout

We will pay out your balance after 24-48 hours using the payment method you have specified.


4) Notice

We don't discuss our rules, fees, or minimum withdrawal amounts. If you sell to us, we assume that you agree our conditions.

What is Player Auction?

If you already know Player Auction from the customer's perspective, you just switch sides here. In our panel you will see different players at given prices, which you can select and buy.


The purchase prices are always higher than the market prices, so that FC 24 Coins can be transferred from your account to another account with our system. The corresponding amount in $ will be credited to you for the amount of FUT Coins that were transferred.

How does Player Auction work at myDGN?

1) Login

Log in and choose Player Auction as your preferred transfer method.

2) Player selection

You will see different players that are currently available to be bought. Choose a player by clicking on "PICK".

3) Buy players

Buy the player within a time window of 5 minutes.

4) Confirm the player's purchase

If you have bought the player with your FIFA Account, click on "Bought".

5) Our system will verify the transaction

Our system will check if the player has been bought.

6) Credit $ to your balance

If the transaction is successful, the amount for the player in $ will be credited to your balance.

Rules for Player Auction

1) Player selection

Make sure you have enough FC 24 Coins to buy the selected player.

2) Marking "Bought"

Only click on “Bought” if you have bought the player.

3) Player bought but not clicked on "Bought"

No problem. Our system will automatically check after the 5 minutes if the player has been bought.

4) Are there any penalties if I abuse the system?

Yes, we have a penalty system that can lead to the loss of your myDGN account.

5) Buy at max. one player every 6 hours per FC 24 Account.

To keep your own account safe, all you have to do is follow this rule.

Penalty-System when using Player Auction

1) You choose a player, but do not buy him within 5 minutes.

You get a 60 minute time penalty.


2) You mark a player as "Bought" even though you haven't bought him.

You get a 6 hours time penalty.


3) You have violated point (1) or (2) several times.

We reserve the right to block or delete your account.

Is your player auction system safe?

Yes, we have years of experience in this area and you will only be shown players and  buy prices with which the transfer of FC 24 Coins does not cause any risk for your account.

How does Comfort Trade work?

1) Comfort Trade Panel

Here you can directly view orders from customers. These orders are shown anonymously under "Open Transfer". As supplier you only see the console, the amount of FC 24 Coins and the total price of the order. If you want to do this order, you just have to click on "Accept". 


2) Accept the order

After accepting the order you can view the complete customer data and start the order as soon as you click on "in work". 


3) Editing window

In this window you have to upload a screenshot of the customer account at the beginning of each order where you can see the balance of FC 24 Coins at the beginning of the delivery. 

You have to select the backup code you have used for this order. 

You have to enter the approximate time you will need for this order. 


4) Completing an order

In the processing window you have to upload a screenshot of your customer account after completing each order, where you can see the balance of FC 24 Coins after your delivery. 

Verification for Comfort Trade

1) Reason for verification

You will receive customer data and are responsible for the security of your customer account. Therefore an additional verification is required. 


2) Verification process

A minimum number of successful transactions through the Player Auction panel is required. We will contact you if you are eligible for Comfort Trade. 

How your API works

1) Public Bot with myDGN integration
On request and if there is sufficient demand we will activate your user for our API. We will create an API user and API password. You have to enter these information into the API panel of your public bot.

2) Private Bot Integration
The documentation about our API can be found after you have logged in, under the API subpage. If you have questions about integrating it into your bot, please contact [email protected].


Safety Instructions for our API

1) Purchase interval

Set an interval of at least 240 minutes in which you buy the mule cards.

2) Maximum number of cards per account

You should buy a maximum of 3 cards per account within 24 hours.

3) Security of our API

If you follow this security advice, our API is 100% secure and has been running for years without a single distribution lock.