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What is MyDGN?


Where can I see the current purchase prices for FIFA Coins?

How can I start selling FIFA Coins?


What happens to my balance when FIFA 22 comes out?


MyDgn Playerauction

What is MyDGN Player Auction?

I bought a player, but I didn´t got credited!


I have purchased a player but have not clicked "Purchased". Do I still get paid for the player?

I have been banned - what can I do now?

What is the penalty system?

MyDgn Comfort Sell

What is MyDgn Comfort Sell?

What data is needed?

Where can I get the backup codes?

How does Comfort Sell work?


Which Payment methods you offer?

What is the minimum amount for a payout?


How long I have to wait until I get my payment?

My Payment got cancelt - why?

MyDgn API System

What is the MyDgn API System?

I already use a tool or FIFA bot that already supports the MyDGN API. Where do I get my API data?